Dana Prescott
A Letter from the Director October 2014

Dear Civitellians,

Our Board of Directors has just left the Castle after several days of 20th anniversary celebrations. Most Board Directors arrived in time for brief presentations from the Fellows and Director's Guests and stayed through the better part of the week. Day-long meetings were held focusing on the Foundation's future, as well as a building program and space plan. Events culminated with a 20th anniversary dinner in the Castle's atrium library for 70 guests, followed by dancing in the music room. Our four senior staff members, Maurizio Bastianoni, Patrizia Caini, Romana Ciubini, and Paola Serpolini were especially singled out for their longstanding contributions and hard work. All staff received commemorative gifts, as did our wonderful Board.

The rain has begun now, driving the yellow and red leaves to the ground, but we are still enjoying enough sun to sit outside for lunch. On recent excursions we have all enjoyed being the only ones in museums and churches, now that the heavy period of tourism is over.

Fall is my favorite season at Civitella in spite of occasional gunshots from the wild boar hunters. The air is full of the smell of wood smoke and Romana's slow cooking soups.

Happy 20th anniversary to you all!